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Carlos Duez Escobedo

Ingenious Technologies

Regional Manager

As Regional Manager for Ingenious Technologies, Carlos helps digital companies to take more control of their online channels and make sense of their data. He is also a big believer and promoter of fairer attribution as a medium to improve digital ROI.
Prior to this he helped expand the business of several digital companies, which went from publishers to international networks (Solocal, Conversant). He lived in many countries such as South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Middle East in his life, where he helped promote their image abroad through reports distributed in publications such as The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Ingenious Technologies provides an award-winning marketing technology, used by retail merchants, portals and marketplaces worldwide. Marketers use the technology as a middleware to track and consolidate all their marketing activities and partners on a single platform to win insights in their customer behaviorĀ and increase sales. Through the platform, marketers receive real-time data for fast evaluation and optimization of their marketing performance.