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Christina Lundari


Managing Director of AOL's Italian subsidiary

Christina Lundari has over 20 years of business experience in the world of advertising and marketing. Her professional career began in the market research industry with the WPP group focusing on fundamentals successful for advertising campaigns and a brand positioning. Then for Google, she honed the ability to handle very talented people and achieved ambitious commercial objectives. In 2014, she worked for Microsoft at the Country Manager in the advertising division. Following the acquisition by AOL, Christina Lundari today is Managing Director of AOL’s Italian subsidiary responsible for leading business development and growth strategy.


AOL is a media technology company with a mission to connect consumers and creators through open marketplaces. AOL uses data to disrupt content production, distribution and monetization. The company connects publishers with advertisers across its global, programmatic platforms, tapping into Microsoft inventory and original content brands like TechCrunch and The Huffington Post, which reach over 500M consumers. Within its mobile advertising network alone, AOL has a reach of roughly 600M users. 

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