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IAB Italia

IAB Italia, the Italian charter of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, is the only non-profit association representing the entire value chain of the online advertising market.

The non-profit association significantly contributes to the spread of the digital and internet culture, it promotes the whole industry and stimulates the debate between supply, brokerage and demand, contributing in an essential way to the development of the national economy.
This commitment is realized by the development and the distribution of data and information relating to the interactive advertising industry by the measurement and certification of online advertising investments, as well as in the definition and application of the reference standard.
During the year, IAB Italy organizes numerous events, expected by all operators, which examine in depth the issues and the market trends, combining moments of discussion, debate, sharing and training. Professional development and disclosure of digital culture are two very important issues for the association, so for these reasons IAB Italia collaborates with prestigious Italian Universities and has created its own IAB Academy, a tool available for everyone, associated and not, to stay updated on the digital world.