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Roberto Liscia



The nuclear engineer holds a master’s degree in business management, has held managerial positions in large Italian groups, dealing with strategies, business development, M&A and new initiatives in the fields of ICT and technological innovation. He later became partner of important national and international consulting firms, where he focused mainly in the telecommunications, web and e-commerce. He developed several digital initiatives as an entrepreneur, published essays and books, is industrial marketing professor and chairman of Netcomm, the Italian Consortium of Electronic Commerce.


Netcomm is the Italian E-commerce Consortium, a reference point for e-commerce both at the national and international level. Established in 2005, Netcomm includes among its members over 200 companies representing both international corporations and small- and medium-sized enterprises which are flagships of Italian excellence. The Consortium aims to promote initiatives fostering the knowledge and spreading of e -commerce, thus generating value across the entire value chain.